Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vintage Baby Clothes

While unpacking from our move, I found:
...the suitcase filled with cute baby clothes I thrifted during college!
Some of the clothes are already too small for Elliott, but there are shoes and wool suspender shorts he can still wear.

The real prize, however, is this darling vintage child's smock:

I love the colors this seamstress chose to make a simple, blue checked cotton look feminine with the dainty ric-rac embellishment and red bias tape tie at the back.

The construction of this smock dress is also compelling. It is made from a 15.5" strip of fabric 36" wide (back then, cotton yardage was all 36" wide as opposed to our modern 45" or 60" wide yardage). Since the back edges were on the selvedge, they aren't hemmed. The top has a small channel for the bias tape tie, and the bottom has a tiny rolled hem with ric-rac on top.
The sleeves are U-shaped cuts with tiny rolled hems with ric-rac.
When the smock is gathered and tied, the U-shaped cuts stick out like little angel sleeves -adorable.
I want to make a collection of these all in different colors and trimmings.
If Elliott were a girl, you can guess what he would be wearing! He loves his lentil frog.

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