Tuesday, May 4, 2010


On Friday, Adam and I rode our bikes in the downtown Seattle Critical Mass bike ride. It was fun; we haven't gone in a long time - since last summer, I think.
Even though it was raining, I wanted to go to see if the person who had stolen my bike might be brazen enough to ride it at critical mass. I didn't see it :(
But we had a great time and even made two new friends!

At the end of the ride, Adam and I went to the IMAX at the Seattle Center to see the 3D Hubble documentary.
It was awesome!

We totally recommend it.
There were amazing images of star nurseries and nebula, and colorful gasses spewn across the universe by solar wind. So interesting.
At the very end of the film (only 40 min. long). there was an image of the universe and all the galaxies/stars/lightsources were arranged in a way that resembled a web or a network. They were not randomly or evenly strewn around, but arranged and grouped. There were empty spaces and and hot spots.
It immediately made me think of several things: first, of fungi and the subterranean network of nutrients and information in mycelia; second, or the internet; and third, of families or human communities.
We had a profound moment considering how networks might be the way of the universe, manifest in small scale, large scale, living and nonliving systems.
Families and communities provide the simplest way to ensure optimal care of individuals. Networking in a way where each person is responsible for a number of others as well as being the responsibility of a number of others is infinitely more effective than a top down or hierarchical approach to care.
It's simply beautiful and I love thinking about it.
But more than thinking about it, I love participating in the networks of life :)

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