Saturday, May 15, 2010

Virgin Islands update #1

I've arrived!
St. John Island is beautiful and Maho Bay Camps are great. It's all a little different than I was imagining, but that's life...
The condensed version:

I have a "tent" to my self

up on the hill

with a yellow light so it won't attract bugs, a fan, an outlet to charge my phone, camera, and computer, access to communal bathrooms with cold showers and flushing toilets,

lizards, gecko-types, anoles, etc. to eat the bugs, (and iguanas!)

boardwalks and stairs to get myself everywhere,

music from birds, frogs, and crickets,

breakfast and dinner at the restaurant,

snorkeling in beautiful coral ecosystems, abundant sea life to identify,

a textiles studio tent

with unlimited fabric

to batik and sew,

tropical plants to find and learn,

jasmine to perfume the hot air,

turquoise waters, frequent rain showers, and sun!

I also have lots of time with my good friend Annalisa - an excellent artist in EVERY medium.

You may remember her from our recycled clothing competition in Feb 2008.

She is a brave snorkeler, so I stick very close to her in the water!

Joy is a high school intern in our textiles studio:

And Deborah (somehow I don't have a picture yet) is a seamstress here for the month.

That's it :)

I intended to post a photo from each day using my borrowed mini-computer, but internet reception is spotty/non-existent. Now that I'm settled and have a daily system, I'm going to dedicate more effort to posting photos.

Thinking of you all, it would be fun to have more family and friends here to explore with!


Ann Marie said...

it looks wonderful! jealous indeed. can't wait to see what you do/learn/see!!

ani said...

oh man, I'd love to come join you! Thanks for sharing so many pics, and say hi to Annalisa for me!

Green Pickles said...

Wow it looks amazing! Have a brilliant time!