Friday, April 16, 2010

My bike is gone :(

One of my most favorite things is gone :(
My special bike that I rode almost everyday for 5 years.

It's an old, rusty blue Schwinn mens bike. Very heavy, but I still want it back....
It was stolen from the Montlake commuters bike rack.


amy said...

How sad! I'm sorry, Tess :(

When things get stolen it can feel so violating (because it is). Pantaloons had his bass, the first musical instrument he ever owned, stolen from a friend's house a few weeks ago and even though it wasn't mine I still felt violated! I hope you get it back...

Allison said...

check craigslist. I had a friend whose awesome mountain bike was stolen and checked craigslist and found that the guy had tried to sell it immediately. He called the guy to meet up with him and had the cops waiting for him when he went in to pick up and he found a dozen or so other bikes that the guy had stolen.

FYI .. my bike was stolen in college. Soooo sad.

Kate said...


That's awful!!!!

We had our bikes stolen in SLC from our backyard. They even cut the locks!! Mine was a rusty ol' Shwinn from the 80s. WHY would anyone steal that bike?

Yours was so glorious.


Sabriel said...

hey i gave you an award on my blog. check it!