Saturday, December 12, 2009

Copper Penny Blue

I am officially beginning the winter dye party.
Today, I started brewing a copper penny dye bath. I'm going to let it steep for about a week before I use it.
It can be used to dye wool directly or in conjunction with dye mushrooms, such as the blue Trametes versicolor I found in New York.
The process is simple and I have heard of results varying based on minerals in local tap water, so I set up 3 versions of the dye bath.
I made the 3 dye baths in separate glass jars with plastic between the metal lids.

Jar one:
55 (pre-1982) pennies
0.5 c. clear ammonia
1.5 c. distilled water

Jar two:
55 (pre-1982) pennies
0.5 c. clear ammonia
1.5 c. Redmond Tap water

Jar three:
55 (pre-1982) pennies
1.5 c. white vinegar
0.5 c. distilled water

I really like the "old fashioned" green-blue I have seen this dye bath to produce. I'll update in a week or so with results :)
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Sofia Deyanira said...

Wow, such fun! Thanks for posting this dye process! ( I found your blog through Britt's)
p.s. Are you working for a mushroom farm...?