Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miss B

Check out this great blog by my friend Miss B called the house that Lars built.
She is in Denmark right now studying textile design, both things sound great to me!
If I ever get back into the art/fashion groove (I'm in the science/fungi groove now), I would want to do textile design for sure.

Seeing all the cool photos of Denmark and the Danes reminds me of my trip to Iceland...

She also recently posted about our wedding here. I liked reading her post because it was so personal since we grew up in the same area and our families know each other.

Thanks Miss B!

Oh! I love this! I just saw it on Miss B's blog here.
I love old windows!

For years I have wanted to build a green house out of old windows and doors!
I have two pretty blue windows in my collection so far that have moved from Provo to Salt Lake, to Seattle, and now to Redmond, much to Adam's disbelief.

I am determined to have a window green house in my future...it's only a matter of time...
and storage space...

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miss b said...

too sweet Tess! Let's make textiles together!