Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Agaricus augustus

Agaricus augustus - The Prince.
I found my first Agaricus augustus mushrooms yesterday! They are supposed to be common in May and June growing as secondary decomposers on mulch, compost, grass, etc. Beside their characteristic look and habitat, they also have a distinctive smell. They smell sweet like almond flavor, or anise.
Luckily the mushrooms I had found were fresh with few bugs. I thought about drying them for later since we are leaving town tomorrow, but,I cooked them all up.
I was thinking of slicing and drying them, but ended up cooking all three I had found.
First, I made one into scrambled eggs with herbs and served it over broiled polenta. (no picture, we ate it too fast!)
And then! I found this dessert recipe and made Sweet Augustus!

I have never made mushrooms for dessert, but I cooked them up with butter, almonds, dates, and honey and served them over cardamom rice. I though it was quite tasty, but also a little strange because the prince has such a distinct and intense smell/taste I have never experienced before.

I added a little "milk" (cream) and was all set to watch Harry Potter 5 the Order of the Phoenix with Thomas and Adam.

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